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  ¤ıHigh-end VCAsys tracker
  ¤ıTracks up to 100 targets simultaneously
  ¤ıUp to 40 general purpose, user-defined, polygonal detection zones
  ¤ıTracks fast and slow moving object
  ¤ıContinuous tracking even when partially or completely obscured changes in light waving trees, ripplling water,    clouds, rains, fog
  ¤ıDoes not false alarm due to PTZ camera movement
  ¤ıCamera shake cancellation
  ¤ıHighlights alarmed and non-alarm objects in different colors

VCA presence - Basic
  ¤ıIntruder and perimeter detection
  ¤ıCamera attack detection
  ¤ıDetects when an objects such as a person or vehicle is inside or is crossing a zone or a line
  ¤ıInclude non-detection zones

VCA surveillance - Optional
  ¤ıFull range of filter rules & counters
  ¤ıDirection filter
  ¤ıEnter and Exit filter
  ¤ıSpeed filter
  ¤ıAppear and Disappear filter
  ¤ıStopping / Loitering
  ¤ı3D calibration / Classification
  ¤ıAuto tracking
  ¤ıAbandoned object
  ¤ıRemove object

VCA counting - Optional
  ¤ıPeople counting
  ¤ıVehicle counting
     - with 2 directional filters
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