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Max 4 Lanes Support
  Read number plate from each 4 lane.
Save Number Plate Record In Database
  Each vehicle's registration plate read is saved into the database along with the date and time of capture, lane entry/exit details, and options to store images to disk for retrieval at a later date.
  Vehicles's Entering/Exit counting, Vehicle's parking time report, currently in parking lot vehicle report.
Grouping Vehicle
  Provide category to grouping vehicle. Blacklist, Employee, etc. Each group can define specific action(beep, alert) triggerd when recognition occur.
Event Action
  Options are available to set audible alert tone and dialog box to your system - to inform you that a specific license plate was captured by the system
Motion & Sensor Trigger
  Plate recognition can be triggered by Motion or Sensor input by option
Available Country Version
 Europe  Asia/Africa/Australia  America
 Albania  United Arab Emirates  Usa Colorado
 Austria  Bahrein  Usa Illinois
 Belgium  Georgia  Usa Indiana
 Bosnia Hercegovina  Hong Kong  Usa Michigan
 Bulgaria  India  Usa Wisconsin
 Cyprus  Iran  Usa Ohio
 Czech Republic  Quatar  Usa Minnesota
 Denmark  Kazahstan  Usa Maine
 UK  Kuwait  Usa California
 Estonia  Oman  Usa Florida
 Belarus  Saud Arabia  Usa New York
 Finland  Singapore  Usa Tennessee
 France  Taiwan  Usa Pennsylvania
 Greece  Turkey  Usa Virginia
 Netherlands  Republic of South Africa  Usa Oklahoma
 Croatia  Australia  Usa Iowa
 Ireland  New Zealand  Usa Texas
 Poland    Usa Maryland
 Latvia    Mexico
 Liechtenstein    Kolumbia
 Lithuania  Brasil
 Luxemburg  Chile
High performance 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD / NTSC 410,000 pixel / PAL 471,000 pixel
Lens : 5 - 50mm Vari-focal, Auto iris External adjustment
View range : Up to 100m / 328ft at 0 Lux darkness
Beam angle : 25
Color image at night time
Resolution : 480 TV Lines
Operation Range : -20~60
Power Consumption : Under 11W
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