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Manage 1000¡¯s of cameras from one location
  ¤ıYou can manage hundreds of cameras from one system.
¤ıMonitor up to 10, 30 or 50 DVR servers at the same time (by license)
¤ıView up to 64 channels on each monitor (multiple monitors supported)

View up to 4 Monitors from one Server
  ¤ıOne Central Monitoring Server can be connected to multiple monitors
¤ıEach monitor can display separate information (i.e., E-Map, Alarms, custom video recalls, etc.)

Roll Over Management Of Alarm Functions
  ¤ıOne major function of the CMS is alarm monitoring
¤ıEach system can monitor various and multiple alarm conditions from multiple DVRs.
¤ıCan set various and separate actions (beep, display video, alert, email, save, etc.)
¤ıIf one alarm is being monitored, subsequent alarms can be ¡°rolled over¡± to the next station.

Global E-Mapping and DVR Mapping
  ¤ıProvides global area E-Mapping and DVR server E-Mapping.
¤ıWhen alarms occur, the alarmed camera or DVR shows up on the E-Map, and in video.

Remote Control of the DVR Server
  ¤ıThe CMS is capable of controlling the DVRs in their remote location.
¤ıSupports and expands the RMS functions (including search, setup and PTZ).

Multi User Management Support
  ¤ıSupports multiple users.
¤ı Each user has different levels and permissions.

Scalable Software Is Easy to Use
  ¤ıEasy to use Windows based interface
¤ıDeveloped by Windows MDI.
¤ıSimultaneously display multiple windows.
¤ıSupports Drag & Drop operations
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